Become a better tour operator

The Good Tourism Institute helps tour operators become the best version of themselves. Learn how to support local communities, build long lasting relations with customers and employees, and offer unique experiences. All in a sustainable way.

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Join our online course

Learn how to become a better tour operator at the Good Tourism Institute. Our online course has a no-nonsense approach and teaches you how to offer unique experiences, be good for local communities, retain repeat customers and engage happier employees.

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Strategy development

Develop great business strategies

Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs. It’s about deliberately choosing to be different. Take care of your people, planet and profit.

Supply chain management

Improve your supply chain management

Create and offer unique tourism experiences, select the most suitable modes of transport, book authentic accommodations and reduce plastic.

Online marketing

Start winning at online marketing

Optimise your website performance by responding to what travellers look for online and use this information to offer your services and products.

About us

About the Good Tourism Insitute

Good tourism is a well balanced combination of running a profitable business and doing good. We help you do both. We have gained experience in the sustainable tourism and online marketing sector and used these backgrounds to create the success formula behind our institute.

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