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Become a better tour operator Community Good tourism How do you protect wildlife as a tour operator? πŸ‹

  • How do you protect wildlife as a tour operator? πŸ‹

    Posted by Anne on 25 October 2022 at 10:42

    The WWF reports a devastating 69% drop in wildlife populations since 1970.

    Their report shows how sensitive the wildlife populations are and how important it is to protect and conserve them. 🐘

    What is the current situation in your destination? πŸ‘‡

    • Which animal(s) are losing population numbers in your destination?
    • Do you know the main cause of their population drop?
    • How are you currently protecting them?
    • What would you do to protect them if you have unlimited resources?

    New to the topic? Read our article about guidelines for animal welfare in our library.

    Tony replied 1 month, 1 week ago 4 Members · 7 Replies
  • 7 Replies
  • Ahereza Brian

    26 October 2022 at 11:05

    Community Engagement is Key, Conservation can never happen without Community involvement. We Must consider 3 Pillars of Conservation and sustainability, that is
    Care for People
    Care for Land and giving us results to
    Care for Wildlife.

    Considering all these 3 Pillars That’s how we can protect wildlife so as Tour Operators we need to prioritize the best pillars that will lead to contribute to another pillar’s end result being care for the wildlife.

    • Anne

      26 October 2022 at 11:10

      Absolutely Brian, community involvement is so essential in conservation work. How do you ensure these three pillars in your own business?

      • Ahereza Brian

        26 October 2022 at 11:20

        Care Of The Land –

        β€’ Through Reducing Our Direct Carbon Footprint By 8%

        β€’ Sustainable Use Of Water

        β€’ Zero Plastic Water Bottles

        Care Of The Wildlife

        β€’ Protection Of Endangered Land & Marine Species By Focusing On At Least 3 Endangered Species

        β€’ Active Management of The Wildlife Population To Maintain Biodiversity, Where We Have Full Control Of The Land

        β€’ Supporting Wildlife Conservation Education through education.

        Care Of The People

        β€’ Maximize Our Localised Shared Value Opportunities Through Economic Benefit

        β€’ Maximize Our Localised Shared Value Opportunities Through Capacity Building

        β€’ Maximize Our Localised Shared Value Opportunities Through Social Service Infrastructure:

        If we can contribute to any of those above items listed protection through these would be achieved.

        • Anne

          26 October 2022 at 11:27


      • Magada Haily Miriam

        26 October 2022 at 14:19

        Cause of population drop

        * Destruction and degradation of habitats due to human activities(deforestation/ wetland reclamation)

        * Hunting and poaching for game meat

        * Trapping for pet and trade

        * Pollution especially the floating plastics.

        ** How to protect population if I had unlimited resources

        *Research to find out causes of the drop and forge way forward to sustainable approaches and mitigation measures.( reduce water pollution/ deforestation)

        * Create awareness among the communities about the importance of the animals

        * Community involvement in designing conservation by- laws.

        * Establish deterrent laws to punish culprits and discourage others from killing animals

        * Offer communities alternatives:- employ key poachers into the National parks and areas of conservation , Enroll youths into parish Model systems to start businesses.

        * Avoid single use plastic and roll to reusable bottles and shopping bags.

        • Anne

          26 October 2022 at 15:18

          Thank you for sharing @Magada Haily Miriam – and very interesting measures if you had unlimited resources.

          Very curious to hear what you’re currently doing with available resources to protect wildlife populations in Uganda.

  • Tony

    28 October 2022 at 15:37

    Wildlife can also be protected by compliance with the regulations and statutes that are in place for conservation and protection of the said wildlife and the environment. Eg.The Wildlife Act of 2019

    Also through vigilance in reporting violations through advocacy and sensitisation

    Through best sustainable practices eg. Supporting communities and reformed poachers etc to earn revenues from alternative livelihoods and practices Reducing waste ,eg no single use plastics , partnering with like minded supplers that use renewable energy ,harvest water etc eg lodges

    Educating the young at elementary level