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The tourism industry is changing, and as tour operator you will have noticed this as well. Looking at the industry, it’s safe to say the traditional tourism business model is no longer the key to success. But what is?

Learn how to become a better tour operator

If you are just starting your business, want to improve or change your business model dramatically, or feel you could use some tips and tricks to become a better tour operator. This eBook is the right first step for you!

In this eBook you’ll learn about

  • The modern day tourism industry: focusing on people, planet and profit
  • Strategy development: deliberately choosing to be different
  • Office management: creating a healthy and sustainable office
  • Human recourses: the key to having committed employees
  • Supply chain management: working with like-minded organisations
  • Communication: fostering good relationships to achieve your goals
  • Certification: verifying your sustainability performance
  • Online marketing: improving your website performance

Download eBook

Download our free eBook

Take the first step to become a better tour operator. Develop great strategies, improve your supply chain management and start winning at online marketing. All in a sustainable way.

Download eBook

This eBook exceeded my expectations largely. It is not only comprehensive, up to date, and relatively extensive (which allows going in-depth on certain aspects) but it is also easy to read and appealing to the eye.

RESPONSible Travel Peru


The eBook provides practical, innovative and forward-thinking advice, presented in an easy to understand format. Our organisation was able to adapt many of the suggestions and we look forward to further guidance.

Takims Holidays


Read this eBook for a comprehensive view on how to do tourism in a more sustainable way. Take responsibility for the social and ecological aspects of your business in planning and action.

Berati Tours Albania


As a tour operator with only a small staff we do not have much time to read extensive manuals. That’s why we were very pleased with the easy to read eBook. In a very quick view you will understand your opportunities.

Maroc Travel


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