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Good tourism is a well balanced combination of running a profitable business and doing good. We help you do both. We have gained experience in the sustainable tourism and online marketing sector and used these backgrounds to create the success formula behind our institute.

A sustainable tourism industry

At the Good Tourism Institute we care about the tourism industry. Our goal is to make the industry a better place for its businesses and travellers. This however, can’t be done without taking in mind the planet and its people.

With our extensive experience in both sustainable tourism and online marketing, we believe a sustainable tourism industry and making a profit can go hand in hand. You can be thoughtful about the environment, local communities and animal welfare, and run a successful business at the same time.

About Anne de Jong

About Anne de Jong

Anne is a passionate change maker and fascinated by the tourism industry. Wanting to contribute to a futureproof tourism industry, she supports tour operators and destinations to become more resilient and sustainable.

Her main focus lies upon working towards a sustainable and profitable business while making a positive impact on local communities and the environment. She emphasises on making sustainability easier, more accessible and attractive.

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About Rik van den Brink

About Rik van den Brink

Rik is an experienced online marketeer. He has been running a successful online marketing agency for around 10 years, where he commits to build better online results for a variety of clients.

At the Good Tourism Institute his focus lies upon teaching tour operators about online marketing techniques. He specialises in subjects like search engine optimisation, search engine advertising, social media- and email marketing.

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