Changing the way travel is done

Did you know you don’t have to choose between being sustainable or successful?

Travel businesses are so used to hearing that they should be more sustainable, and while that is important, it shouldn’t stand in the way from you being successful.

At the Good Tourism Institute, Anne & Rik transform travel businesses who are sustainable today to be wildly successful tomorrow!

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Meet the minds behind the Good Tourism Institute

With years of collaboration with hundreds of travel businesses, Anne's focus lies in sustainability.

Her work on sustainability certification led to a common question: "What's in it for me?".

Meanwhile, Rik, with over a decade digital marketing experience, disagreed when Anne expressed frustration about sustainability being limited to a few 'do-gooders' in tourism. He believed that sustainability could set any travel business apart.

They came together to create the Good Tourism Institute. A place where travel businesses can use their sustainable practices and turn them into best-selling travel experiences.

Good Tourism Institute offers travel businesses a unique opportunity to set themselves apart from the competition!

Our programs transform travel businesses from being sustainable today to being wildly successful tomorrow.

Anne de Jong
Sustainable tourism expert Foodie Hiker Traveller Cat mom

My childhood holidays were always nature adventures in Europe. Exciting trips where we’d go camping, going out on hikes and enjoy local food. It was the only way I knew how to travel.

Only during my tourism studies, I realised many travel offerings in the industry were causing harm to both people and the planet.

It became clear I wanted to make a change and contribute to the creation of a sustainable and future-proof tourism industry.

After studying sustainable tourism development, I acquired the knowledge and skills to guide travel businesses be more resilient and sustainable.

My focus extends beyond people and planet as I firmly believe in the significance of profitability in the tourism sector. The greater the profit, the more positive impact.

So, when companies ask, "What's in it for me when it comes to sustainability?" my answer is always this:

"Embracing sustainability, which includes benefiting people, planet, and profit, is the only way to meet the evolving demands of travellers, develop best-selling travel experiences, and achieve long-term success."

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Rik van den Brink - Digital marketing expert

Rik van den Brink
Digital marketing expert Sports fanatic Entrepreneur Traveller Cat dad

For many years, my focus remained solely on digital marketing, operating outside the realms of the tourism industry.

What truly fuels my passion for this work is the impact I can make on the growth of businesses. Witnessing the tangible results of effective digital marketing strategies and seeing businesses flourish.

However, being in a relationship with Anne provided me with the opportunity to engage in countless conversations about the challenges of achieving sustainability in tourism sector.

During one of these conversations, Anne expressed her frustration with how sustainability seemed to be reserved for a select few "do-gooders".

It struck me that my expertise in digital marketing could serve as the missing piece of the puzzle in addressing these challenges.

Together, we realised that sustainability should be an integral part of every travel business. Setting them apart from the competition.

This revelation became our shared vision, leading us to establishing the Good Tourism Institute.

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What other travel businesses say about us

Brian Amos Memba - Jomaar Explores

10 September 2022

Very informative and encourages critical thinking. Anne & Rik are warm and they are dedicated and timely in their operations.

Avatar for Brian Amos Memba - Jomaar Explores
Brian Amos Memba - Jomaar Explores

Immaculate Kemigisha - Terrace Uganda Safaris & Tours

9 September 2022

The good tourism course is simply perfect. Keep it up Anne and Rik. The most interesting part for me is Method 8 that requires putting what I have learned directly into practice.The results are amazing and bookings are coming through because of one well single written article.

Avatar for Immaculate Kemigisha - Terrace Uganda Safaris & Tours
Immaculate Kemigisha - Terrace Uganda Safaris & Tours

Annette Bitarakwate - Tides Africa Safaris

6 September 2022

Special thanks to Anne and Rik they have been very supportive. The course is very enlightening, I have learnt so so much.

Avatar for Annette Bitarakwate - Tides Africa Safaris
Annette Bitarakwate - Tides Africa Safaris

Glorious Tumwesigye - Amazing Cultural Experiences

5 September 2022

It is a very good and informative course! The team from Good Tourism Institute is very knowledgeable, courteous and always willing to guide and offer assistance.

Avatar for Glorious Tumwesigye - Amazing Cultural Experiences
Glorious Tumwesigye - Amazing Cultural Experiences