Connecting locals and travellers in food experiences

Social enterprise ResiRest connects local families and travellers in food experiences. Through fair tourism they empower local families long-term.
Connecting locals and travellers in food experiences

Food to connect people worldwide

ResiRest is a social enterprise working as a social impact connector between local families and travellers. They link local home cooks and their families to international travellers for a unique, cultural, local food experience.

As a business-to-business platform, they sell social food experiences to travel partners worldwide. From leading mainstream operators to specialist travel organisations. Their mission is to make social impact by connecting local families and travellers in food experiences.

Food to connect people worldwide

Together with NGOs and travel partners ResiRest empowers local communities and develop fair tourism possibilities on a global scale. Their vision is making a change from ‘far-tourism’ into ‘fair-tourism’ and from ‘selfie-tourism’ into an intercultural experience with local families.

“ResiRest uses food to connect people worldwide”

A global local network

You can find them in over 40 countries around the world. With their sustainable travel partners, they bring in travellers who want to support local families and communities by joining food experiences. They connect the local families and travellers on a Fair Tourism base using fair pricing towards both. Their drive is to empower local families through Fair Tourism.

The taste of local life

ResiRest builds bridges between cultures and families. They highly value interaction between the families, so they can really get to know each other. Therefore, the experience is always private. Also, it’s about cooking and eating together as food connects best if it’s shared.

Their food experiences are not visiting a restaurant or cooking class. Instead, a local family welcomes you into their home where you can chat, help to cook and enjoy a nice meal together. Many local families have a garden where they grow vegetables or fruit. They are proud about it and you are welcome to have a look around.

If you like to go shopping, it’s possible to visit a market or shops with a member of the local family. This way you get even more taste of the local life and experience your meal from fresh ingredients to a delicious dish.

Travellers experience it this way

“We had a great time in Marrakech, Morocco with our host! We met in the main square and Ezza walked us back to her house. We had a wonderful meal and great conversation.

Afterwards, Ezza even found us a place to buy a traditional teapot at a very reasonable price (a hard thing to do in Marrakech!). Overall, it was one of the best meals we had in Morocco and we had an amazing time!”

How fair tourism empowers

In tourism, a few people are in charge and actually make money. Local people are employed, yet the working conditions are poor. Think about low salaries, long hours and no contracts for a sustainable and steady income. ResiRest works around the major tourism streams so local people can get a fair share of tourism in a way that empowers them.

With their local non-profit partner, they locally develop a reliable network. In this way, they reach families who are in need of support. ResiRest aims to create situations where a local family receives guests on a steady base, once or twice a week. This way, they get a steady financial income to make life easier.

Fair tourism empowers

Long term benefits

ResiRest doesn’t only offer financial support: they empower local families. They can use and develop skills like hospitality, foreign languages and cooking. They thereby also get more self-esteem, because of the contacts and knowledge they acquire. This all turns them into a proud family and proud community. This also benefits tourism in general on the long term, making room for true authenticity instead of tourist traps.

Work with ResiRest

Determined to make tourism fair and develop sustainably options for travellers that support local families in a direct way? Travel partners can easily join them and offer ResiRest experiences to their travellers. Partner up with ResiRest and let’s make more social impact together!


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