How travellers use social media (step-by-step)

Travellers rely on social media throughout their entire trip to inform their choices. Ensure your visibility before, during, and after their trips.
How travellers use social media

Social media in tourism

We’re all aware that people are highly engaged on social media in their day-to-day lives. However, have you ever wondered about the specific ways in which people use social media regarding travel? In this article, we’ll explore the roles of social media before, during, and after travel. We’ll wrap up with some practical tips on connecting with travellers effectively through social media.”

Step 1: Before travel

A large group of travellers turn to social media as a source of inspiration for their upcoming adventures. In particular Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, in particular, are great sources of travel photos and videos shared by friends, travel bloggers, and influencers. These posts have a profound influence on a traveller’s choice of their next destination.

Remarkably, over 50% of individuals actively engage with pages and content that align with the trips they’re planning. As a travel business it’s important to establish an online visibility to this group. One effective strategy is to consistently share visual content. Show them different aspects of what makes your trips unique like:

By showcasing these elements, you can leave an impression on potential travellers and encourage them to explore the remarkable experiences your tours have to offer.

How travellers use social media  during travel

Step 2: During travel

Travellers frequently rely on their smartphones throughout their trips, actively engaging with social media to discover inspiration for their destination. They enthusiastically share their experiences in various forms, including photos and videos of their surroundings, along with reviews of activities and restaurants.

Invite your customers to share their travel experiences in real-time while they are on the go. It’s during these moments that people are most inclined to post freshly captured photos or videos on social media. These user-generated posts effortlessly inspire not only their own friends and family but also your potential customers.

Research shows that people are most influenced by consumer-created content, as opposed to professional brand content and influencer content.

Social media influence

Step 3: After travel

Once travellers return from their trip, they become highly active on social media. They eagerly share their recent experiences and often resharing complete photo albums. This results in a large number of posts on the various social media platforms on which your target group is frequently active. Moreover, many travellers take the time to write detailed reviews of accommodations, activities, and restaurants.

It’s at this stage that you can gently remind them of the value of sharing their after-travel experiences, photos, and videos. Express your enthusiasm for their contributions.

Tips to interact with travellers

With social media, interaction is key. Use the following practical tips to interact with your target group:

Choose your social media platforms wisely

Start by identifying the social media platforms where your ideal target audience is most active. It’s better to maintain an active presence on a select few platforms rather than spreading yourself thin across numerous ones. Focus on the platforms where your target audience engages the most and where you can consistently share valuable and relevant content. Common platforms in the tourism industry include:

Be available for communication and support

Social media platforms provide an easy means for travellers to reach out and communicate directly with travel businesses. Make sure you’re available to answer their inquiries. Approach every interaction with a friendly and helpful demeanor, and strive to respond promptly to their messages and questions.

Invite travellers to share and tag your business

Encourage your customers to share their travel experiences on social media and invite them to tag your business in their posts. Many travellers are eager to share their trips, and your involvement can be as simple as requesting them to share their experiences. Seek their permission to repost their content on your business page to further engage.

Respond to travellers’ posts and tags

Demonstrate your genuine interest in your customers while they’re traveling by actively engaging with their posts and tags. Take the time to respond, share in their enthusiasm, and celebrate their experiences. This interaction can increase customer loyalty, as travellers are more likely to engage with companies they value and trust.

Ask for reviews and respond to them

Actively seek feedback from your customers by requesting reviews. This feedback is invaluable for assessing and improving your travel experiences. Positive reviews can serve as powerful marketing tools, showcasing your strengths.

When addressing negative reviews, maintain a polite and constructive approach. Resolve issues, communicate the steps you’re taking to fix the situation, and be transparent and honesty. Handling negative feedback professionally can often turn a challenging situation into an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Let your voice be heard

Establishing a strong presence on social media, as a travel business, holds immense potential. It’s not just about being there when travelers require assistance; it’s about continuously inspiring them—before, during, and after their trip. Beyond serving as a direct means of communication with travellers, social media offers an invaluable platform for promoting the content you create as part of your content marketing strategy.


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      Glad to hear the article is helpful for your own social media strategy. Are there any topics in particular you’d like to read about regarding your website renewal? We’re always looking for inspiration to write about in the future to help tour operators become better.

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  1. Hello Rik. Would like to know the best approach for a new tour operator who has not had visitors to write reviews etc how can one get travellers especially to the business page say on Facebook?

    1. Hi Hilda,

      This is a bit difficult since you need your reviews to be from actual travellers. First things first, your entire business should be ready for your first customers. If you deliver a great tour, they’ll be happy to write you a review.

      Until then, try to post excellent content that give social media followers insight in your destinations, offer and business.

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